PR Launch



Monday was the very scary/ exciting press launch for my public art commission in Bracknell Berkshire (find out more here). I had to present the project to tv, radio and newspapers and I actually really enjoyed it once I got started! 

I've also had to do a number of photoshoots for the project (favourite photos above - please be kind!) and I've been filmed for a series of videos introducing different elements of the project (which I hope to share with you soon.) 

It's such an exciting project, creating integrated artwork for The Lexicon across the 580,000 square foot site. I was commissioned by the lovely Artscape Management in late 2015 for the role of 'Artist in a Design Team'. This meant working alongside the landscape architects Gillespies, BDP architects and the contractors Mace and Knight Highwood to enhance the plans for the town centre. 

Initially I undertook a HUGE amount of research about Bracknell, as I really wanted to create a genuine and informed sense of place. I explored the history, culture and landscape of the area, alongside the plans for the town centre, as I needed to choose a theme for the project, and select where to place the work within the built environment. I quickly realised that it was the landscape that excited me, Bracknell as nine SSI's so a hugely diverse and important landscape with a huge array of flora and fauna.

I learnt that the north of Bracknell has a predominantly clay soil whilst the south is mostly acidic. This therefore attracts different wildlife to thrive in each area. I've used the High Street in the town centre as an arbitrary dividing line to reflect this, and created 36 paving slabs from granite and brass across the centre. The paving slabs above the High Street reflect those plants found in the northern clay soil, and those below the High Street reflect those found in the acidic southern soil.

I've also created 
- 15 x gobo lights of moths drawn from the Dumbleton Collection at Reading Museum.
- 5 x large street benches depicting a birch leaf in cast jesmonite with brass leaf veins and solid brass insect sculptures.
- 6 x 1m high brass lanterns depicting edible plants found in Bracknell for Eagle Lane - the restaurant/ cafe area.
- a 5m x 6m gate created from powder coated steel and brass depicting the paving slab botanical designs.

There's also LOTS more elements in the pipeline including underpasses, cladding and a beacon and I promise to share more soon... x


Valentines - Charbonnel et Walker


It's been so exciting to see my Valentines collaboration with Charbonnel et Walker back in store over the last month (you can find out more about the process of creating it here and here). The design focuses on the jewelled feathers of the peacock, and includes a crown on the head (as one of Charbonnel's iconic chocolate designs is a crown) and a feather detail along the edge of the box. I'm really proud of these boxes and excited to be collaborating with them again on new projects for 2018.

LOTS of work happening in the studio at the mo... I'm juggling 3 public art commissions, 2 packaging projects and 2 advertising jobs This week I have been drawing moths like a moth drawing machine! I'm creating 15 gobos (projected light drawings onto the ground) for a public art project and it's TOO exciting.

HURRAH! OK nuff chat back to work.....x

Samples, samples


Just wanted to share 1 of the 36 finished paving slabs for the town centre project I've been working on launching in Sept 2017. It's part of a series of public art commissions including 3 types of lighting, underpass, gate, cladding and street furniture. I'll be able to share more soon after the PR launch later this month, but for now here it is....

Lots happening in the studio at the moment, 3 public art commissions, 2 packaging projects and 2 advertising jobs. My 'to-do' list is currently terrifying and requiring ever increasing amounts of tea in order to complete, but the current projects are SO exciting and inspiring!

OK, London bound today for more meetings... wish me luck... x

(p.s. if you're in/ near/ can get to London then you MUST see the current exhibitions at The White Cube (Anselm Kiefer), The Fashion and Textile Museum (Josef Frank) and Thomas Dane (Anya Gallaccio) x

Cove Park


Just wanted to share some photos from my incredible time at Cove Park over looking Loch Long in Scotland. I was incredible lucky to be awarded a week long self funded residency kindly subsidised by Cove Park and it was a total dream to spend a week alone working in my sketchbook. 

I stayed in the one of the new Artists Centre two room apartments, which was really cosy and warm (the packed hot water bottle remained in my case). I had a lovely bedroom, with ensuite and kitchenette, and then next door a lovely big studio with sink. Both rooms had an entire wall of glass to take in the incredible view and let in lots of light. My days were full of long walks, audio books, hot tea and LOTS of drawing and each night the stars were spectacular.

I'm very grateful to have been given such a fantastic opportunity, if you ever get the chance to go to Cove Park YOU MUST GO! 

(OK - enough jabbering, there's a mountain of work to catch up with after my break xxx)

Busy bee


Eeeeeeek - I'm having such an exciting week...

Mon - Studio day working on a new packaging project for Charbonnel et Walker
Tues - Exploring lighting options in Solihull for an underpass I'm designing
Wed - Checking the gobo lights in the (freezing) new town centre development in Berkshire
Thu - Meeting with conservation and planning for the block of departments I'm designing in Essex
Fri - Dropping off the design concept panels at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool
Sat - Eat/ sleep/ see friends
Sun - I'm travelling to Scotland as I've been really lucky to be selected for a week long subsidised self-funded residency at Cove Park. It will be a full week of drawing and painting for me and I'm bringing all my Ikebana stuff from Japan too - I can't wait!

Below is an educational leaflet I created for school groups at The Garden Museum, it needed to be A4, black and white so it was cheap and easy to reproduce on their printers as required and I really enjoyed working on the project. It was fun collaborating on the content too, as I have an MA in Museum Studies specialising in education and always love projects where I can combine my love of drawing with that of museums and galleries!

OK, that's it for now... I'll be back next week to show you what I got up to on my residency xxx

Eton Natural History Museum - Eton College


WOWSER 2017 is busy and bloody brilliant at the moment. I'm working very long hours in the studio because I'll be off to Scotland week after next to do an Artist Residency at Cove Park (I am BEYOND excited, and rummaging through cupboards to find all the warm things I own ready to pack!)

This week I can share a new timeline about the life of Sir Joseph Banks for permanent display at Eton Natural History Museum (this follows on from the museum activity trails I created for them earlier in 2016). It's a GIANT 1m high x 65cm wide and has been printed and reverse mounted onto perspex by the lovely folk at CColour who printed and installed my drawings for Coutts window display.

OK, more drawing this afternoon before tap dancing class tonight (I've recently returned to ballet and tap classes after a 19 year break and I"M LOVING IT!) xxx

The Hunger Project

Happy New Year! I'm feeling really excited about 2017 and already buried under giant piles of drawings in the studio for lots of different projects. I just wanted to share the print I've donated to The Hunger Project auction to support the fantastic work they do. It's a giclee print of a magnolia watercolour painting hand finished with gold leaf, and really sparkles in the light.

Today I'm being filmed in the studio about one of my public art projects (the studio has therefore gone from level chaos to only mildly messy) and then tomorrow I'm off to the fabricators to see the new samples of the street furniture I'm designing - yipeeeee!

Have a lovely week, wrap up warm, drink lots of medicinal hot chocolate and I'll be back soon x